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  • Who to host with (domain names, web space, SSL, DNS)

    I’m sometimes asked who I recommend buying web infrastructure from. Here’s my list based on my personal experience: Domains | SSL | DNS | Shared hosting | Dedicated hosting | Transactional email | Virtual servers Domain names: Namecheap Almost all of my domains are hosted with Namecheap. They’re simple, have a super-fast web interface, a […]

  • Picking a great password

    I was trying to find a simple, brief guide to picking great passwords, and came up short. Hopefully this simple advice is useful: Don’t pick a password; pick a pass phrase. Include letters of both cases, numbers, and punctuation characters. For bonus points, use “special” characters like é and î. Don’t pick something you’ll have […]

  • Recipes for startup failure

    Paul Graham’s essay, How to Get Startup Ideas, is long but very much worth reading. Normally I’d pull a quote, but it’s a valuable piece from start to finish, and it’s hard to know what to choose. Go read it, then come back. He makes clear that, more than anything else, if you want to […]

  • XOXO: crafty makers from the future

    I know these things:   The mass market will be obsolete. New kinds of enabling technology – including, but not limited to, the Internet – are changing the way people make things, the way they sell them, and the entire mechanics of how marketplaces work. We’ve been able to create software very easily since the […]