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  • Punching above your weight

    I wrote about doing great work at a small startup like latakoo over on Quora: This, for me, is the essence of a small startup. From that hunger to build something that solves a problem for people, to the fact that everyone is doing a little bit of everything – whatever needs to be done, […]

  • Sharing video from the iPhone 5

    The iPhone 5 comes with a sophisticated new camera that shoots image-corrected, 1080P video (while having more battery life, 2x the CPU and 2x the graphics processing). Those video file sizes are going to be intense, so how will you share that beautiful footage you’ve shot? This is where the latakoo iPhone app can help. […]

  • latakoo NBC deal in the news

    Our deal with NBC made the headlines over at TechCrunch: According to Werdmuller, the company has seen wide usage across broadcasters in the U.S. and Mexico. He mentions that one customer, Nexstar Broadcasting, which runs 55 TV stations in the U.S., is now seeing a 5x to 8x return on its investment. For many broadcasters […]

  • latakoo enterprise video at NBC

    We’re excited to be working with NBC: “We think this is a great moment for us and NBC News,” said Paul Adrian, CEO of latakoo. “The Internet offers tremendous possibilities for simplicity, speed, and cost savings to news crews traveling the world. And before latakoo was developed, TV networks had to build expensive proprietary tools […]