My projects

Hi! I’m Ben Werdmuller, a web technologist, product manager and developer.

I write and code all over the web, but here’s some of the stuff I’ve worked on that I’m particularly proud of:

latakoo lets you send high definition video using any Internet connection – in a fraction of the time it would usually take. The latakoo video management platform is private, enterprise-friendly and used by companies like NBC and Nexstar Broadcasting. I’m the CTO.

Elgg is an open source social networking framework. Users include NASA, the World Bank, Oxfam, and universities across the world. I started it with Dave Tosh, back in 2003, and was responsible for most of the code and architectural decisions until I left to pursue other projects in 2009.

Onflood is a location-based message board. You see messages based on where you are; the more conversation there is in a particular area, the tighter the geographic radius is. (So if you’re in line for a show and a lot of people are talking, you’re effectively in an ad-hoc chat room for that show.) Originally a weekend project, I’m thinking about turning this into a mobile app.

The Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab was a neat idea to be a change agent in the Edinburgh Festivals ecosystem. I was brought on as the Geek in Residence, and helped create a unified API for all twelve festivals in 2011. Getting to talk to all the talented people in the ecosystem was the best thing ever. Watch out for Rohan Gunatillake: Wired magazine agrees that he’s going to change the world.

Rum & Monkey was a student project that took over the world. We were featured in Stars and Stripes, Court TV, and at one point were the number one linked-to site from Blogdex (remember Blogdex?). Originally an attempt to be as cool as Ben Brown’s, R&M’s real asset was its community, which still meets IRL to this day. I built it, wrote many of the articles and maintained the code over the years, until it was eventually sold.