Author: Ben Werdmuller

  • The Internet Explorer 8 web developer’s dilemma

    This post originally appeared on Google Analytics has announced it will end IE8 support by the end of the year, following Google Apps, which ended support for the browser last November. Legacy browser support remains one of the hardest problems in web development. For years, Internet Explorer 6 was a bugbear, because enterprise applications […]

  • What’s the best way to give developers space?

    Like all my new posts and articles, this piece originally appeared on Software developers are not technicians. Whereas technicians are employed to do practical work involving technical equipment, the development process is more akin to writing. Paul Graham was absolutely right when he pointed out that: […] Of all the different types of people […]

  • The IndieWeb as a minimum viable social web ecosystem

    I wrote a post as a submission for the W3C’s upcoming Workshop on Social Standards: The Future of Business. Although there have been significant advances in the field over the last five years, there remains a need to prove the business value of decentralized web technologies. There are so many opportunities for companies online that […]

  • Introducing Herebe

    I wrote a short novel about Silicon Valley, startups, and, well, dragons. It’s a little different to the kind of thing I normally share here, but bear with me. From a review on Amazon UK: What happens when dragons appear over California? And why are they appearing? And how can our hero use them to […]