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Hello! I’m Ben Werdmuller, a web technologist, product manager and developer.

Right now, I’m Director of Investments for San Francisco at Matter Ventures.

I’ve been creating online communities, websites and applications for eighteen years. I created one of the first web magazines and helped pioneer the use of social software in universities. I was also the inaugural Geek in Residence at the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab.

Before that, I co-founded Elgg, an open source social networking platform, as well as Curverider, the company created to provide commercial Elgg services. Until I left to pursue new projects in April 2009, I was both a director of Curverider and its Chief Technology Officer, as well as Elgg’s technical lead and joint lead overall. Curverider was bought by Thematic Networks.

More generally, I’m a creative tinkerer: I like to write and build new things and share them with people. I love food, social justice, meeting new people, and adventure. Get in touch.

You can learn more about my professional background on LinkedIn, or connect with me on Twitter, Google+ and GitHub.