Tag: augmented reality

  • Screen real estate

    I’ve found that I work much better if I have two very large monitors – but because I travel a lot, I’m often constrained to my 15″ MacBook Pro screen. I’m not alone: Completely adjusted to working on large second screen for wireframes. Designing on 15″ MacBook Pro feels awkward. — Rebecca Cottrell (@rivalee) June […]

  • You need to be wearing Google goggles to think this is a good idea

    Today, Google released this video of Google Glass, an augmented reality project: Beautiful, right? It’s a virtual assistant that sticks with you wherever you go. Exciting features debuted in the video include: Automatic geo-tracking of both you and your friends. Seamless photo-taking and live video broadcasting from anywhere you can put your head. A head-up […]

  • Networked stories

    I’ve been thinking a lot about storytelling on the Internet. I’m not completely impressed with how it’s been done so far. Not that the examples I’ve seen haven’t been beautiful, but their presence on the web has been irrelevant: they’ve essentially been multimedia presentations using web technologies, rather than a different medium that uses the […]