Top 10 blogs about the social web

June 19, 2009 | Leave a comment just published a top 10 list of blogs about the social web that I wrote for them. People are already beginning to comment with blogs they’d love to see added to the list – if you know of one that I missed out, please feel free to add it or link in with your own blog post.

This isn’t, of course, meant to be the top 10 social web blogs ever – these are just some of the blogs that I keep coming back to regularly. (I had more that I dearly wanted to add, but don’t update quite often enough to be considered regular blog resources.) Everyone’s list is different, and equally important in itself; that’s the great thing about the social web.


March 8, 2009 | Leave a comment

[..] don’t forget that continued funding of any park hinges on public support. Kids who have access to green spaces grow up to appreciate their value [..], and a report funded by the Forestry Commission [..] suggests that kids who do shocking things like climb trees and build dens are more likely to visit parks when they’re older. So by ensuring access to parks, you are also securing public support and funding in future years.

Pathdigger – a new blog about parks and conservation by my sister, Hannah Werdmuller.