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  • Decentralized comments and the IndieWeb

    I just stumbled on this old thread by Marc Canter and Stephen Downes (emphasis mine): I think that so long as we leave content on other people’s sites (or in their in-boxes) we will have the dual problems of spam and host lock-in. The primary use of OpenID should not simply be identification, but also, […]

  • The Progressive (Profitable) Web

    Ryan Holiday laments the loss of Google Reader and RSS in general in Our Regressive Web, arguing that if someone came up with them today, we’d think they were brilliant ideas: Nothing better has risen up to replace them. The underlying needs of a fairly large user base (that these services meet) still exist. We’re […]

  • Facebook Graph Search is super-powerful – if all your friends obsessively post to Facebook

    Facebook’s new Graph Search is an exceptionally powerful idea. Here are some searches I’m looking forward to running: Bars my friends like in San Francisco My friends who like Doctor Who and live near me and like pizza Friends that know [insert investor or entrepreneur name here] Make no mistake: this is a new kind […]

  • Imagine this: identity computing

    I originally wrote this over on Google+. I’m sat at my laptop, which has a monitor attached via a digital connection. On the other side of my desk is my phone, and a tablet. That’s the setup I actually have right now, as I’m writing this. But all these devices (monitor aside) are connected to […]