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  • Aaron’s army

    This speech, in honor of Aaron Swartz, pretty much sums up why I work on the web. This is why it’s worthwhile. Aaron was part of an army of citizens that believes democracy only works when the citizenry are informed, when we know about our rights—and our obligations. An army that believes we must make […]

  • Web, the people

    If there was any doubt that the Internet is radically changing democracy, check this out: Spain’s new political party, the Partido de Internet, is a policy-agnostic political party that makes its decisions based on the will of a community based on Agora, a virtual parliament platform. PDI is a policy-agnostic political party that does not […]

  • Otherwise Occupied: it’s hard to blog about app stores when police are beating people down the street

    November was a hard blogging month for me. I managed two posts: a single embedded TEDx talk (albeit one by Kaliya, who I respect greatly), and one about Thanksgiving. I just didn’t have it in me. You see, I don’t love tech on its own; I love what it can do for people. More specifically, […]

  • Citizen lawmakers: is Iceland the future of politics?

    Note: it’s been pointed out in the comments (and elsewhere) that the source article is full of inaccuracies. Here’s the rebuttal. Nonetheless, I think there’s strong interest in a new kind of democracy that takes its inspiration from the hierarchy flattening we’ve seen on the web. It’s an issue I’m still keen to explore. My […]