Tag: federated social networks

  • Facebook Graph Search is super-powerful – if all your friends obsessively post to Facebook

    Facebook’s new Graph Search is an exceptionally powerful idea. Here are some searches I’m looking forward to running: Bars my friends like in San Francisco My friends who like Doctor Who and live near me and like pizza Friends that know [insert investor or entrepreneur name here] Make no mistake: this is a new kind […]

  • Tent

    Tent appeared out of the blue today: a protocol and reference server implementation for individual-to-individual distributed social networking. Or to put it another way, Tent is a way to host your own social data – posting and reading from as many apps as you want. Here’s their announcement, and here’s the GitHub repository. The Tent […]

  • Identity, contact management and federated social networks

    Last week, Doc Searls reflected that everything being worked on at the Internet Identity Workshop is meaningful to CRM: It just occurred to me that everything being worked on at IIW is meaningful to CRM. I had been thinking that only the VRM stuff was meaningful, but I realize now that all the IIW stuff […]