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  • Laws, sausages and browser geolocation

    I was emailed a question about the browser geolocation test I wrote a while back, and I thought I’d respond to it here. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out, and come back. If you’re not prepared for it, it’s a creepy little feature. How on earth is browser-based geolocation so accurate? Desktops […]

  • A humble suggestion for HTML5 video

    This is an embedded Flash video from latakoo Flight: If you’re viewing this post on an iOS device, or anywhere else where Flash isn’t supported, you’re not going to see the video. I’d dearly love to use the HTML5 video tag, which iOS devices do support, but I can’t – at least not without some […]

  • Onflood

    Friday night was sleepless for me. I couldn’t stop thinking about a simple idea I had, riffing off of Color and some of the technology I’d built for OutMap: What if you could hook messages, photos, files and metadata to a particular location in space, and create an ad-hoc messageboard with this information based on […]

  • So why do we need apps anyway?

    Ebooks don’t cut it: everyone wants an app NB (May 20, 2010): A lot of my suggestions for web-based apps are part of the Google Chrome Web App Store. In fact, the .crx file used there is a zip file with very similar characteristics to epub. (I assume, as Chromium is open source, that .crx […]