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  • From iPhone to Android: three weeks in

    Cupertino on my mind I’ve never been an Apple fanboy. As I was growing up, surrounded by computers, I distrusted the Mac Classics I encountered at my first job and occasionally at my friends’ houses. There was something closed about them, as if they were designed by vanguard software designers: people who thought they knew […]

  • Some alternative views of the iPad

    Just a quick post. The entire tech sector is ga-ga over the iPad; I’m pretty excited by it myself. But I thought I’d try and throw some realism on the fire by linking to a couple of interesting alternative posts on the topic. Quinn Norton has some very smart comments about the blinkered vision of […]

  • Danger in the cloud: a proposal

    In response to recent events, I’d like to propose a different kind of web service that overcomes the privacy and reliability issues with cloud web applications, while providing a solid business model for both application developers and service providers, as well as a seamless, easy-to-use experience for end users. The T-Mobile storm Over the weekend […]

  • Synchronize your iPhone with Google Calendar

    This how-to isn’t in the usual remit of this blog, but it solves a problem I’ve had for a while – I can’t use the iPhone’s built-in calendar functionality with Google Calendar – so I thought I’d share. The iPhone 3.0 software update supports CalDAV, an open standard for sharing and updating calendar information. Luckily, […]