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  • What’s the best way to give developers space?

    Like all my new posts and articles, this piece originally appeared on werd.io. Software developers are not technicians. Whereas technicians are employed to do practical work involving technical equipment, the development process is more akin to writing. Paul Graham was absolutely right when he pointed out that: […] Of all the different types of people […]

  • Software factories vs software universities

    I’ve worked in startups for almost my entire career – sometimes my own, sometimes companies started by other people. I’m good at what I do, and I love it: I get to create tools that empower people to do things they previously couldn’t, or that were substantial obstacles. Usually that involves some kind of democratization; […]

  • The product management cycle

    Monday: “The plan is A! We’ll market it at A!” Tuesday: “Actually, I was thinking B. A is stupid. Who would want to do that?” Wednesday: “Goddamnit, we need to be working towards C. Why does no-one see that?” Thursday: “Maybe A was right …” Friday: “This team sucks.” Hint: pick a direction and run. […]