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  • A pretty good day for Marissa Mayer: why Yahoo! could still win

    Not only was she named as the new Yahoo! CEO today – but she’s also announced that she’s expecting her first child. That’s up there with Mark Zuckerberg’s graduation-IPO-wedding triple whammy earlier this year. At the time of writing, Yahoo! is worth over $19B. It’s certainly languished for the better part of a decade, and […]

  • Inside Huffington Post’s traffic machine: the algorithm that’s killing traditional media

    Frédéric Filloux has written a great analysis of the Huffington Post’s SEO techniques, and is uncompromising about the implications: When I discuss this with seasoned newsroom people on both sides of the Atlantic, most still firmly believe the quality of their work guarantees their survival against a techno-centric approach to digital contents. I’m afraid they […]

  • Check out our entry for the Knight News Challenge!

    We’re a part of the Knight News Challenge: 1. What do you propose to do? Speed up, simplify, economical sending and sharing of large video files from anywhere to aid journalists and others. 2. Is anyone doing something like this now and how is your project different? Slow or expensive methods of video delivery exist, […]

  • For your consideration at SXSW Interactive

    I’ve submitted a talk for South By Southwest 2011: Building the User-centered Web By establishing a general standard for social application interactions, the services and technologies used to make connections become less relevant; the Internet is people, one big social network, and users no longer have to worry about how they connect. We can all […]