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  • “What it means to be a school is now up for grabs.”

    Education, for me, is still the most exciting field that open source is opening up. It’s a vital part of any civilized society, and so it seems right that the software that helps participants teach and learn should be open. I have no qualms about charging private institutions like Stanford, say, the six figure license […]

  • Open source politics?

    Today’s debate between Republican Presidential hopefuls underlined how broken the current accepted political systems are. Real change, real hope, is very hard to find. I shared the following thought in a few places: Party politics has to be the next major model to be disrupted by the Internet. If you want to change the world, […]

  • Bonita: a PHP template manager with lofty ambitions

    I’m fed up of using the same PHP template pattern over and over in my web apps, so I decided to write it from scratch and iterate on some core ideas. And then open source it under an Apache 2.0 license. The result is Bonita: a simple PHP templating engine. It’s definitely version 0.1, but […]

  • Open source needs designers

    It’s been a slow progression. First, I moved from Eclipse, for years my Integrated Development Environment of choice, to NetBeans, which I’ve been using for the last year or so. It’s faster, leaner, and less prone to bringing down my computer for no readily apparent reason. But now, slowly, I’m making my way to Coda. […]