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  • Introducing Herebe

    I wrote a short novel about Silicon Valley, startups, and, well, dragons. It’s a little different to the kind of thing I normally share here, but bear with me. From a review on Amazon UK: What happens when dragons appear over California? And why are they appearing? And how can our hero use them to […]

  • Respectful software

    I’m using the term respectful software to describe software products and services that: Maintain your ownership and control over your data. Allow you to export anything you’ve entered or imported into it. Allow you to extend their functionality with other software, without having to ask them or their developers for permission. Don’t sell your information […]

  • Software factories vs software universities

    I’ve worked in startups for almost my entire career – sometimes my own, sometimes companies started by other people. I’m good at what I do, and I love it: I get to create tools that empower people to do things they previously couldn’t, or that were substantial obstacles. Usually that involves some kind of democratization; […]

  • What your culture really says

    I love this post by Shanley Kane: Let’s examine popular startup trends that are being called “culture” and look beneath the surface to find the real culture that may be playing out beneath it. This is not a critique of the practices themselves, which often contribute value to an organization. This is to show a […]