Google Reader is dead

Google Reader was a tentpole of the web I wanted: open, with full freedom of expression that wasn’t tethered to the platform you happened to choose to use. That web is now, largely, gone. Reader will be discontinued this spring.

In the same announcement, Google are talking about killing the standardized CalDAV API in favor of a Google Calendar specific set of calls.

You mean to say we’re going to have to go back and build that web again? That sounds like a good thing to do.

(If you’re missing Google Reader as much as I am, The Old Reader is a worthy alternative.)





8 responses to “Google Reader is dead”

  1. mfern Avatar

    We’ve been working on a Google Reader replacement for the last two years: With Intigi, you can import your RSS feeds from Reader (via OPML) and then filter the feeds by your preferred keywords and social signals (e.g., shares via Twitter).

    I’m one of the cofounders and happy to answer any questions about the service and would love any feedback, if you decide to give it a test spin. Please email me at mjfern(at)

    1. Sara Swenson Avatar
      Sara Swenson

      Google Reader is one of my favorite apps…it is like a personalized digital magazine for my morning…I will have to try intigi.

  2. Michael Bushman Avatar

    Noooo!!!! So sad..

  3. Carlos Alberto Santos Avatar

    A paramount of stupidity. How come Google want us to trust our vital services on them? With this I can start imagining something regarding Gmail too.

  4. Laurence Cuffe Avatar
    Laurence Cuffe

    Much as I admire Google, I find them hard to trust. Google wave, Google Groups with pages and files, and Needlebase. All gone.
    I want to do stuff with content, not just spend my time learning new cool platforms in beta…

  5. Vicky Hennegan Avatar
    Vicky Hennegan

    Let’s not forget that soon iGoogle and previously Notebooks was torpedoed. Google giveth and Google taketh away as soon as you get use to using their products and have a shit load of data 🙁 #GoogleBiteMe

  6. Avatar

    so sad, i don’t believe it, google reader is one of my favorite apps !

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