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  • Laws, sausages and browser geolocation

    I was emailed a question about the browser geolocation test I wrote a while back, and I thought I’d respond to it here. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out, and come back. If you’re not prepared for it, it’s a creepy little feature. How on earth is browser-based geolocation so accurate? Desktops […]

  • Agit props

    My talented friend Michael Goldrei designed the icon set for Agit, a Git client for Android by Roberto Tyley. Git has become the creative geek’s source control system of choice, and having a native Android client is a great thing. (Source control allows the source code for an application to be managed in a way […]

  • Why HP’s take on WebOS could be a very big deal

    Yesterday, HP finally delivered an iPad competitor I can get excited about, not just by creating an elegant piece of hardware, but by taking a step back and outthinking their competition. Unlike the iPad, the TouchPad is part of a seamless technology ecosystem that also encompasses smartphones, PCs and printers, all running the same operating […]

  • Openness wins

    Dan Lyons, writing in Newsweek, doesn’t think the introduction of the iPhone on Verizon will stop Android’s momentum: Apple’s phone would have snuffed out the Android a year ago, but now Google’s device has become an unstoppable juggernaut. […] “Android is a global phenomenon,” [Fred Wilson] says. “The big deal is, Android is free software, […]