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  • A geek’s guide to writing

    I’ve had this idea for a story for years. We live in a world where truth is curated for us, everything we do can be tracked and used to infer things about what we’re going to do next, and identity is defined by what we broadcast. What happens when we no longer fit into the […]

  • Meaningless Battles (and writing in Oxford)

    My flash fiction story Meaningless Battles is up on Every Day Fiction: Rain skidded across the window, the smaller drops holding still, helpless in the path of their larger cousins, which sped forth and absorbed everything in their path. The carriage was a wasteland of raindrop-on-raindrop destruction. Alex watched for a moment and then adjusted […]

  • Writing in Oxford?

    Just a quick note: I’m starting an Oxford writers group. My idea is that participants will be able to upload their work to a closed online space, so that it can be read and commented on in a more natural reading environment. Of course, if people want, they can also read their work aloud at […]