Writing in Oxford?

Just a quick note: I’m starting an Oxford writers group.

My idea is that participants will be able to upload their work to a closed online space, so that it can be read and commented on in a more natural reading environment. Of course, if people want, they can also read their work aloud at meetings, which will be held regularly. If it works, I’ll expand the infrastructure so it can be used by local writers groups elsewhere.

The preliminary meeting, which will help determine the size and scope of the group, will take place this Wednesday, September 30th, at the Gardener’s Arms pub on Plantation Road in Oxford at 8pm. See you there?





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  1. Brennig Avatar

    Sadly, have an evening class on Wednesdays.

  2. Thomas Avatar

    Can’t make the first meeting, but definitely something I might be interested in. Can you keep me posted of developments…?

  3. Cas Avatar

    I can’t make the first meeting, but I am definitely interested, so keep us posted!

  4. Helen Avatar

    Sounds good. Do you know numbers likely to attend tonight?

  5. Colin Avatar

    I will be coming, will you be in any particular part of the GA?

  6. Brennig Avatar

    Can you post an update telling us how it went? I’m v.interested but my evening class has many weeks left to run

  7. Maeve Avatar

    came across this by accident, but as a writer in oxford I would be keen to follow it up

  8. Dave Richardson Avatar
    Dave Richardson

    I’m a locally based author, journalist and once published novelist and would be interested in hearing more.

  9. sue Avatar

    Hi Ben,
    I am interested in this. Are you still meeting & if so when? Who are your members? I was a journalist for 10 years & am currently writing a series of children’s books. Sue

  10. Rachel Avatar

    Hi Ben,

    How is this going? I am very interested in joining. Would it be possible to have some more information and maybe come along to the next meeting?


  11. Stella Avatar

    When’s your next meet, and may I attend?

  12. Tim Avatar

    Hello I live just round the corner from the Gardeners Arms and I am very interested in what you are setting up. Did it take off and is it still going?

  13. clare Avatar

    HI I would be interested in joining -is this group still going strong?

  14. Dan Holloway Avatar

    If people are still around, do come along to The Albion Beatnik Bookstore on Walton St on March 24th at 6pm for a readings and music night:


    The Albion Beatnik is also a great place for a writers’ group to meet

  15. Bert Avatar

    Is this writers’ group still happening? Any playwrights?


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  17. Isobel Avatar

    Is this writers group still running?

  18. Ben Werdmuller Avatar
    Ben Werdmuller

    I no longer live in Oxford, but there’s clearly demand! I bet it could be revived.

  19. Becci Avatar

    I’m looking for a writers’ group too. Would it be possible to put some of us in touch with each other so we could organise something?

  20. linda elvin Avatar
    linda elvin

    I use to live in Oxford i was born and bred there now live in Hampshire but i have friends and family there i recently visited my friend who took my husband and myself on a nostalgic tour this stirred so many memories for me that i have been writing it all down just wondered if anyone would be interested in what i have written most of it relates to Oxford and Cowley during the 60’s and 70”s?

  21. Patrissia Cuberos Avatar
    Patrissia Cuberos

    I am interested in meeting writers for exchange of ideas, feedback, advise, etc. I live in Banbury.

  22. Jane Gordon-Cumming Avatar

    Only just seen this. You do know there’s an Oxford Writers’ Group already, I trust? There’s a page about us on my website.

  23. Becci Avatar

    Hello Jane, yes I had seen the OWG. The website appeared to be set up in 2007 and not updated since other than a couple of posts up to 2009 and it seemed to indicate that OWG wasn’t taking on new members so I’m setting up something low-key myself now.

  24. Brennig Avatar

    If anyone has information on an active writers group in the Oxfordshire area, please post it here with contact details. Thanks

  25. MC Avatar

    Hello Becci –
    Are you still attempting to organise something in Oxford? I am an unpublished novelist looking for a small group of writers. Please let me know if you had been successful in initiating anything.

  26. Helen Avatar

    I just wanted to ask the same question as MC above. If you are organising something in Oxford I’d love to hear about it.

  27. MC Avatar

    Hi Helen & Becci
    Not certain what you both are working on, but would you have an interest to meet at Summertown Wine Cafe for coffee? I’m available during the week – after morning school drop-off and before afternoon collection.

  28. Helen Avatar

    Hi MC,
    I’m afraid I’m at work all day in March & April but should be able to arrange something during the day in May. I’m really just starting out and experimenting with different (short) bits and bobs, not working on anything in particular. If May might work for you (or if you can be available outside working hours) then I’d be happy to arrange meeting up. Take care and enjoy the sunshine!

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