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  • Facebook Graph Search is super-powerful – if all your friends obsessively post to Facebook

    Facebook’s new Graph Search is an exceptionally powerful idea. Here are some searches I’m looking forward to running: Bars my friends like in San Francisco My friends who like Doctor Who and live near me and like pizza Friends that know [insert investor or entrepreneur name here] Make no mistake: this is a new kind […]

  • Here’s what Google+ could have been

    Confession: I want to like Google+. I think competition is a great thing, and Google is in a unique position to do something fascinating with social platforms. It’s also significant that a lot of really brilliant people from the decentralized web community – Chris Messina, Will Norris and Stephen Paul Weber, for example – now […]

  • The Facebook Timeline in the New York Times

    I’m quoted in the New York Times article about the global release of the Facebook Timeline: “We’ve all been dropping status updates and photos into a void,” said Ben Werdmuller, the chief technology officer at Latakoo, a video service. “We knew we were sharing this much, of course, but it’s weird to realize they’ve been […]

  • Is it time to revive the Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web?

    In some ways, the web industry seems to have lost its way. From empowering users and smashing incumbent gatekeepers, the emphasis is now on how to raise the next round of funding and convert active users into their maximum possible value.. My piece about Facebook, contextual identity and radical transparency continues to get a lot […]