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  • Google Wave is exciting and transformative

    For almost five years, I’ve had a dream of creating a decentralized social networking system with granular access permissions and a customizable workflow. It would be open source, with an underlying, decentralized open protocol based on XMPP that anyone could build on top of and extend. It would redefine the way we work on the […]

  • What Facebook users want

    What Facebook’s Users Want In The Next Terms Of Service. Facebook says it’s got a new Terms of Service in the works, with feedback from its user community in mind. Cue the community coming up with its own Bill of Rights containing things it things Facebook needs to take notice of. Follows on nicely from […]

  • User control on the open web

    Data portability and the open data movement (“the open web” for simplicity’s sake) revolve around the idea that you should be able to take your data from one service to another without restriction, as well as control who gets to see it and how. Very simply, it’s your data, so you should have the ability […]

  • Social technology reinforces existing networks

    Why do we create and maintain social networks? Most people can immediately think of a few natural reasons — we get something from the interaction, or the person is nearby and is close to us in proximity, age or gender. But researching such theories on a large scale has never before been possible — until […]