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  • 10 rules for startups

    The user isn’t the product being sold. The user is the customer. Startups become big by empowering their customers with great products and services that allow them to do things that were previously difficult or impossible. A company is a group of people with a shared goal. Everyone deserves a chance to make progress on […]

  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs sold the idea that the computer, formerly just a business machine, is a tool for artists and dreamers. In doing so, he captured the imagination of the world. He didn’t personally invent the computer, or (as ReadWriteWeb points out) anything; but he understood that if computers were to become integral to our lives, […]

  • So why do we need apps anyway?

    Ebooks don’t cut it: everyone wants an app NB (May 20, 2010): A lot of my suggestions for web-based apps are part of the Google Chrome Web App Store. In fact, the .crx file used there is a zip file with very similar characteristics to epub. (I assume, as Chromium is open source, that .crx […]