Category: Consultancy

  • 10 rules for startups

    The user isn’t the product being sold. The user is the customer. Startups become big by empowering their customers with great products and services that allow them to do things that were previously difficult or impossible. A company is a group of people with a shared goal. Everyone deserves a chance to make progress on […]

  • Edinburgh Festivals Lab Geek in Residence

    On Wednesday, the Edinburgh Festivals Innovation Lab announced that I’m their inaugural Geek in Residence: This is an exciting and experimental new role in which Ben will work with and across the festival set to spot and develop project opportunities and bring his expertise and experience to explore what it is to be a festival […]

  • A note on me, Elgg, and social networking projects

    Note: As of 2011, this is no longer true. Enough people have asked me about this over the last year, that I thought I’d write a little more about why I don’t do social networking work. Most regular readers will be aware that I co-founded Elgg, the open source social networking framework. If you weren’t, […]

  • Assume there’s value

    Tony Stubblebine has written a great post about the lessons he’s learned from Twitter, which was created at Odeo while he was working there. This advice stands out for me: Have you ever looked at a piece of social software and thought, or worse, blogged, that it was worthless? Here’s a trick for evaluating social […]