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  • Owning your data is cool – but having your own awesome site is cooler

    This post was originally published over on, my idno-powered site, where I’m hosting all of my new posts and social media updates. There’s been a lot of news stories lately about how technology companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo! may or may not be giving your data to the NSA. They deny it, […]

  • and idno

    I’m posting over at, a site I’ve set up based on my idno software. I wrote a short technical introduction to the platform: idno is a personal attempt at building a publishing platform that adheres to IndieWeb principles: own your own data, publish on your own site, use existing social websites for dissemination but […]

  • Mobile devices as keys to your personal cloud

    Jotting down some quick notes for something to consider: mobile devices as proxies that redirect content types to services as required, cacheing data on its way to / from the Internet. Some properties and use cases: I take a picture, and my mobile device knows about the services I use that accept photos, and can […]

  • Imagine this: identity computing

    I originally wrote this over on Google+. I’m sat at my laptop, which has a monitor attached via a digital connection. On the other side of my desk is my phone, and a tablet. That’s the setup I actually have right now, as I’m writing this. But all these devices (monitor aside) are connected to […]