werd.io and idno

werd.io publishing screenI’m posting over at werd.io, a site I’ve set up based on my idno software.

I wrote a short technical introduction to the platform:

idno is a personal attempt at building a publishing platform that adheres to IndieWeb principles: own your own data, publish on your own site, use existing social websites for dissemination but not as an origin. I’ve also tried to use microformats where possible, allowing every page to contain lightweight semantic information, as well as making it skinnable, extensible, and social.

Right now I’m using it as a blog, but the intention is that it could power a whole community, or set of communities. It certainly has the back-end functionality and APIs to do so, and I’ll be writing more about those as time goes on. It’s not immediately obvious unless you’re logged in, but idno has a full plugin system, which allows anyone to write new content types, and syndicate to new sites. (For example, two existing non-core plugins push to Twitter and Facebook, depending on the Activity Streams object type of the content you’re posting.) Access permissions are also baked right into the data model, so you’ll be able to keep non-public content, and share it in a federated way.

I’m pretty excited about it – but I’m also just enjoying posting to it. It’s a breeze. I’ll be opening a community site based on the platform soon, so stay tuned – or take a peek at the GitHub repository.

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  1. Looks good… I’m trying to suss out just what sort of iron this will need to live on and similar.

    Reason/s being that in an Indie realm, ownership and hosting being 100% in house so to speak… Vs outsourced/cloudsourced has potential merit. I wonder if a Ramdisk Linux would be of utility:

    One recurrent hack of many uses to me is a web hosted PXE server for some “shell projects” or similar.

    Where a user boots to a PXE loaded “template” that they mold into their needs. Yeah, there’s some non-triviality in that alone. But unless I’m way off base- your indie pub path may someday be a good fit for the core idea- boot an image across fast net directly as a Ramdisk dedicated tasking OS.

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