Embedding images

I’m really pleased that a number of people using Elgg have already been cooking up their own templates. In particular, Ashley Parker and Alison Wong have really done nice jobs, and have realised that it’s possible to include images in your file repository in the layout of your site.

There are two things that are probably less obvious:

The access rights on folders aren’t inherited by their contents. This means you can have a hidden folder containing images for your layout, but allow anyone to see the graphics contained inside. There may also be other applications for this.

Also, here on the weblog, you can embed graphics in your postings and they’ll appear right on the page. The system checks the dimensions of the file, and if it’s 400 pixels or less, it’s displayed inline; if it’s larger, a link is created to open it in a new window. In the future, this may be a thumbnail. (There are certainly plans for images to display a thumbnail version as their icon on the file repository pages, allowing users to create quick-and-easy photo albums.)






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