Technology in schools

Is technology in schools the future or just a fad? The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel talks about e-learning. (An aside: when something gets covered in local papers, does that mean it’s hit the mainstream?)

A brief read seems to suggest people don’t know what to do with computers once they’re in the classroom, short of running a couple of Powerpoint presentations. I think this quote is pertinent:

“There have always been and will always be pockets of interesting activity and innovation going on around the country, but in most schools, kids maybe search the Web, they make PowerPoint presentations,” said Margaret Honey, director of the Center for Children and Technology in New York. “Those are all good things. But we could easily build on those activities and make them much more rigorous and applicable to the 21st century if we wanted to … For the most part, I think we’re not.”

Yet another case of teachers applying old-school teaching techniques to new-school facilities?






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