Statistics and procrastination

I love using the admin panel. There’s a sense of satisfaction in knowing exactly how many users and communities you have on a system, finding out who’s pottering about (although it won’t tell me what you’re doing, privacy fans), checking out how many weblog posts there have been this week and so on. This could be developed further – it would be trivial to write in a ‘weblog posts by day’ graph, for example, or ‘logins by hour’, or ‘users who logged in six months ago and haven’t bothered to come back’. All of those things have their uses.

There are a handful of things I’m still worried about; will users see the ‘account settings’ tab? Will they realise that this is where they go to change their theme? Will the dubious content flagging system be effective? Only time will tell.

For now, though, I’ll be sitting here reloading the user stats page …






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