New release

We’ve released Elgg v0.301 in order to fix the bugs causing problems at the start of the week and add a couple of usability features. Our internationalisation isn’t quite complete – it’s been pointed out that on some systems the dates don’t change language. We are using setlocale(LC_TIME) to attempt to force the system to return times in your language, but that doesn’t seem to be working; all suggestions received with undying thanks.

At any rate, if you’re wanting an English language Elgg, this release should work for you. If you’re wanting a foreign language Elgg, there may be a small amount of tweaking left to do. We apologise for this – as well as to our brave translators who have had to cope with us changing the language template file every five minutes – and have given ourselves another week in order to get it right.

A quick final note about installation: I’ve mentioned it in the INSTALL file, but this is really the number one reason installs fail. You must must must must must remember to upload the .htaccess file, which will likely be hidden by default if you’re unzipping the package on a Linux, Unix or Mac machine. If your weblog, file and profile pages aren’t showing up, the file isn’t there or mod_rewrite isn’t enabled on your Apache installation.

Thanks, enjoy, and have a great weekend everybody!






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