And then they all get blown out of the water

This is the big one:

Google Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. are expected to unveil a collaborative effort later today that will bring StarOffice productivity applications to Google users, according to sources familiar with the companies’ plans.

The move is expected to be part of a larger technology initiative in which Sun will help Google build a network to provide Web-based applications that will enable the companies to compete with their common rival, Microsoft Corp.,10801,105148,00.html

This has the capacity to change everything.

Microsoft will doubtless reply, and the result will be network-based, platform-independent applications that run in a browser. The implications reach into literally every facet of consumer computing. It’ll be interesting to watch, and frankly fantastic to see Microsoft’s strangehold challenged again …

Update: This isn’t the big one. It’s a toolbar-bundling deal: download Java, you’ll download the Google Toolbar. Big yawn.






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