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I was lucky enough today to meet Evan Williams, the founder of Blogger and Odeo, the podcasting creation service and directory. Podcasting is much more than downloadable radio over the Internet, although it does that very well; Evan has a vision that encompasses personal reflection, collaboration, voicemail-like services and more.

Of course, you can create podcasts in Elgg, simply by uploading MP3 files and setting their access permissions to ‘public’. Or, if you’d prefer, you can create a podcast using Odeo’s tools and import it into Elgg. It’s actually quite exciting, and because we have a shared belief in open standards it’s incredibly easy to add an Elgg podcast to Odeo:

  1. Create an Odeo account
  2. Click ‘create’ and then ‘import an external feed’
  3. Copy the address of your RSS feed (you’ll find a link next to your user icon, usually in the top right of your Elgg profile pages)
  4. Paste them into Odeo

Equally, to import an Odeo feed into Elgg:

  1. Visit the Odeo channel’s page
  2. Copy the address of the RSS feed where it says ‘audio in this channel’
  3. Click on ‘manage your subscriptions’ in ‘Your Resources’
  4. Enter the RSS feed address into the ‘new feed’ box

With autodiscovery – a planned development that will mean you can just type in a website’s address or click a button in your browser and Elgg will automatically find the feed – this will become even easier.

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