Nintendo: the affordable PDA

Nintendo DS to get VoIP soon. The Nintendo DS is a handheld games console in the vein of the old Gameboy – but with the addition of a touch-sensitive screen and wifi capabilities. Just as the Playstation 2 brought DVDs into a lot of people’s homes, this has the capability to bring VoIP into the mainstream.

Where the Playstation 2 and the DS differ, of course, is the latter’s portability; any kid can bring a DS into school, and because the manufacturer makes back money on games, the units themselves are very cheap. (The DS retails for $129.99 at Best Buy; a wifi enabled Palm, meanwhile, runs at $299.) Although you’d have a pretty tough time getting this past any kind of school board – games consoles for educational use?! – there’s a flavour of the Opera browser avaliable for it, which in collaboration with services like Writely, Num Sum, DabbleDB and Thumbstacks, make it a pretty affordable PDA in wireless-enabled zones.

(Via evhead.)






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