The lay of the landscape

I’ve just posted a message to the development list that might be of interest to more than just developers. Click through to read the full text, but a pertinent quote follows:

Since the announcement of the Moodle integration around the launch of 0.6, there’s been some talk about Elgg in terms of a plugin for Moodle, and other talk from other directions about how it should be built on the Drupal architecture, etc. Our position has always been, and always will be, that we want Elgg to interact with the services that best suit the user on the account level, and the institution on the infrastructure level. We will not be establishing links in the core code with any one product or service, full stop.

I’m very keen, on the other hand, to establish open, standardised way to interface with any number of other services. Furthermore, virtually all new visible functionality is going to be through optional plugins; we are not adding any more main core features to Elgg.

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