Workshop in Klagenfurt

SeminarDave and I spent a couple of days in Klagenfurt, giving a workshop on Elgg. It was a really positive session; most people hadn’t seen Elgg before, but by the end of the workshop everyone was putting together profiles, uploading files and sharing with each other. I’m delighted to say that the feedback has been great – there were requests at the end to keep the workshop community alive so everybody could continue to keep in touch and share with each other. We met many new people who I hope will keep in touch with us and let us know what they’re doing – both with the software and in general. Thank you very much to Wolfgang Greller for inviting us out, and Graham Attwell for the introduction.

If you’d like us to come out and talk about Elgg at your organisation or institution, do get in touch. It’s a great way to introduce people to what the software can do. Failing that, I understand video of the event will be made available, and we’re also hopefully going to be providing video of our event on September 4th.

Klagenfurt is a spectacular spot; one of those places I want to return to in a more recreational situation, and I’m envious of people like Wolfgang who get to work there. It sits on a lake – which erupted spectacularly into a massive thunderstorm as we sat beside it after the workshop – in a picturesque mountain valley. The view coming in was amazing; were it not for the turbulence (it was a tiny propellor plane, and there was actual screaming from passengers behind us) I would have been in awe. Definitely recommended as a place to visit, and as I say, I’d like to go back and see more.

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