Web 2.0 job boards roundup


The 37signals Job Board costs $250 for 30 days; jobs are divided into design, progbramming, business and miscellaneous. Given 37signals’ emphasis on design, most are design jobs. It’s hard to say how many there are a day, as dates aren’t included.

CrunchBoard is Michael Arrington’s effort, attached to his not inconsiderable TechCrunch empire. Posting a job costs $200 (undercutting 37signals by $50); there seem to be three or four a day. Most are technical, but there seem to be a fair amount of marketing positions in the mix.

GigaOm Jobs seems to be modelled on CrunchBoard; it also costs $200 a month to post. It’s too early to say what the average number of jobs per day are. Most are programming, but there are some project manager jobs.

MetaFilter Jobs costs nothing, but you’ve got to be a member of MetaFilter to post. MeFi users tend to be clued-in, well-read, tech-savvy people, and the jobs run the gamut from developers to a director of youth education at a synagogue.

Performancing Exchange is a job board for professional bloggers, which differentiates itself by, like MeFi Jobs, being free; it also allows users to post fuller descriptions on the main jobs page, like a classified ads page. There seems to be more or less one post a day.

The Problogger Job Board is, compared to most of the above, a bargain at $50 for 30 days. (Unfortunately, it covers the same ground as Performancing Exchange, above.) Most of the posted vacancies are for professional blogger positions, although there are a handful of ad sales positions. There usually seem to be between one and five ads a day, and some look suspiciously unpaid.

Any I’ve missed? Any experiences with any of these, positive or negative? Let me know.






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