Aye, there be forthcoming events and features.

Ahoy! Some of ye scurvy sea dogs may be wondering what lurks on ye horizon in Elgg World. Ye may have seen Skipper Dave’s announcement of ye dashboard, which is making us dance ye hornpipe up on ye deck, but there be plenty more treasure in ye Elgg chest, arrr.

Smartly, me beauties, we will be making available ye interim release, being as it contains many bug fixes and new features ye lily-livered landlubbers may find of interest. Ye dreaded multiple comment bug be dead and gone, for one – and avast! We be sowing the seeds of a more fully-featured event notification system, and providing ye groundwork for ye scurvy OpenID. As usual, me hearties, this won’t cost ye a doubloon.

Skipper Dave, Ensign Misja, Bosun Kevin Jardine and me will be at ye ePortfolio 2006 conference in Oxford next month, organised by ye sons of biscuit eaters over at EIfEL. Come say ahoy, and if ye be of hearty demeanour we may see fit to share our rum with ye. (Rum may also flow at ye Elgg user group meeting on October 10, at ye Eagle and Child.) On the first day in particular, we be participating in both ye Plugfest and ye ePortfolio workshop, shivering ye timbers with our adherence to open standards and commitment to engaging software. Avast!

… Aye, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day. Arrrrr!

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