A raft of upgrades for Elgg.net

Elgg.net is now running on the latest development version of Elgg, plus a handful of plugins we think are cool.

Some improvements you can expect to see as you navigate around the site:

The dashboard. This is a customisable area where you can add as many content widgets as you like in any order. For example, you could highlight your Flickr photos from your resources, a little about yourself, and the latest weblog post from your Elgg blog. As you’d expect, each widget comes with its own set of access restrictions.

You can now theme communities. If you own a community, go to your account settings, select ‘change theme’, and at the bottom of the page you’ll see options allowing you to change the way your communities look as well as your own profile.

That annoying back button error is gone. No more posting multiple comments or blog posts.

You have a customised landing page. When people visit elgg.net/your-username, you might not want them to visit your profile. Now you can direct people to your dashboard or your weblog instead. All you need to do is go to account settings and select the page of your choice.

Better searching. Want to limit your results to just people, or communities, or resources? Now you can.

Improved recent activity page. You’re now notified when someone adds you as a friend. This can be sent to you via email, or just viewed from your recent activity page.

There’s lots more, and there will be continual improvements and plugin additions. Watch the Hints and Tips blog for more instruction shortly.






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