How to get on TechCrunch

Guy Kawasaki interviews Michael Arrington about TechCrunch, which a lot of people seem to now view as a fast track to “making it” with a web application startup. Guy has the cribnotes, which are interesting, but Tony Hung summarises it further:

Treat pitching to TechCrunch as you would pitching to another VC; he gets over 30 pitches a day — make his time worthwhile.

I’m addicted to TechCrunch, but it’s getting a little repetitive for me; I tend to scan Mike’s articles for a couple of lines of description and, if that sounds interesting, click over to the site being discussed. He’s become less of a good reviewer for my tastes. For that reason, Emily Chang’s eHub is possibly a better source (although I may be biased because she featured Elgg Spaces today).






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