BitTorrent, Bram Cohen and me

BitTorrent has raised $25 million dollars and lost its founder. Bram Cohen is the guy who developed the protocol, the software and the company, yet they’ve found themselves looking for a new CEO. Comments in the TechCrunch article suggest that it may have been a clash of principles.

What we can’t understand is: presumably Bram has an idea where he wants to go with the software. He didn’t create BitTorrent in a vacuum; there’s a goal and a sort of utopian ideal of what he’d like his software to be like and where he sees it in society. If I was being ousted from a company, I’d probably not tell them everything I have in mind, and very likely this knowledge would come with me to my next gig. It would therefore be in the board’s interests to keep me on.

Unless, of course, Bram’s had enough and just wants to move onto other things. Alas, his Livejournal is mostly about American football, so doesn’t shed much light.






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