April Fool’s jokes I considered posting today

I’m starting a funding incubator for open source projects. We’re working with a number of high-profile Silicon Valley investors in order to provide comprehensive funding, as well as advice and collaborative office space, for up to 50 open source projects a year. The Libre Fund provides that most valuable return: openness.

I’m forking Elgg. Continuing a trend, the new version will be called Benjamin. Based on the legendary “classic” 0.9 codebase, it will once again include features like a fully-procedural codebase, iterative event-based architecture and the polite exclamation “Yay!” whenever you upgrade anything.

How latakoo Flight works. You’ve probably heard about latakoo Flight, the project I’m working on as part of an awesome team with an ethos I’m proud to stand behind. How does it send high definition video so far? In this in-depth article, I’ll discuss our proprietary video solution, which converts high quality video from a variety of formats into ASCII art, then a zip file, and then back into beautiful, high resolution video.

I’m putting all my energy around a new project. Using cutting-edge web technology, GPS geolocation and mobile interfaces, Urinmate is a publicly-editable geo-database that will tell you where the nearest usable public restroom is. Preloaded with the locations of all the McDonald’s and Starbucks locations in the world, we anticipate that this will become an invaluable tool for the incontinent, those with prostate problems and the nervous.

Def Code is Poetry Jam. Developers from all over the world are invited to an inspiring night of spoken word coding.

This is why I don’t do April Fool’s jokes.






4 responses to “April Fool’s jokes I considered posting today”

  1. Peter Avatar

    Spoken word code is a killer idea though 🙂

  2. MIchael Avatar

    The Have2P app has beaten you to the punch. Based upon their poor reviews, you could enter the space and wipe them out, so to speak. For pregnant women and families with kids the app is more useful than a strapping young lad with a cast iron bladder and plenty of alternatives to a restroom might appreciate.

  3. Ben Werdmuller Avatar
    Ben Werdmuller

    Sadly, they would probably still have the first mover advantage. A dubious honor, but still.

  4. John Dalton Avatar
    John Dalton

    Another Urinmate competitor is the Australian Government’s toilet map – “A project of the national continence management strategy”: http://www.toiletmap.gov.au/

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