latakoo enterprise video at NBC

We’re excited to be working with NBC:

latakoo enterprise video“We think this is a great moment for us and NBC News,” said Paul Adrian, CEO of latakoo. “The Internet offers tremendous possibilities for simplicity, speed, and cost savings to news crews traveling the world. And before latakoo was developed, TV networks had to build expensive proprietary tools of their own or buy very pricey hardware and software. We’ve shown NBC there is a better way.”

Over the next five months, latakoo’s engineers will optimize the company’s popular compression and conveyance technology to work with NBC’s proprietary workflow system. As long as news crews are able to find a wireless signal somewhere in the world, they will be able to use latakoo’s one-click tool to send their raw video and edited news reports into the broadcast center. Satellites and expensive broadband will no longer be necessary in many instances.

“We like the way latakoo works because it’s so easy to use,” says Danny Miller, the Director of Engineering Field and Satellite Operations for NBC News. “A correspondent could review video on a laptop and just drop the best of it into latakoo to quickly send back to the newsroom.”

Once it’s at the newsroom, the video can be tagged, commented on, downloaded in a variety of formats, shared securely, pushed to third-party services like Box, YouTube and Facebook, or pushed to internal asset management systems through bespoke integrations. You can attach searchable transcripts and other non-video files, and there’s also a RESTful API for other integrations.

You can read the whole release over at Wall Street Journal MarketWatch, or check out our enterprise video services.





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