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  • Bootstrapping Elgg

    In my twenties, as part of a two-person team, I co-founded and bootstrapped a social networking platform that would end up being used by organizations like Oxfam, the World Bank, the Australian government, the United Nations and NASA. We did this with a budget of $0; I don’t remember ever buying advertising, and for the […]

  • Community ownership and social networks as markets

    Johannes Ernst just put me to shame by writing this blog post while sitting next to me at Elgg Camp San Francisco: […] But there’s a stronger undertone from speaker after speaker talking about their projects. It’s about how the community wants and needs to own and control their social network (instead of just merely […]

  • ElggCamp San Francisco

    A long time (almost three years) ago now, I worked on an open source project called Elgg, which I also co-founded. It was vastly more popular than we had anticipated – from a small start in education, the community pulled it in all kinds of amazing directions – but after almost six years working on […]

  • Elgg 1.8 has left the building

    Congratulations to Brett, Cash, Evan and the Elgg community on the release of Elgg 1.8.0. I know that a lot of hard work has gone into this release, and it’s the first major departure from the architecture that was set out in Elgg 1.0 almost exactly three years ago. One of the real benefits of […]