Uncreative thinking for such a creative industry

I wrote a post – okay, a rant – over on Google+ about sexism in the software industry:

Tim O’Reilly had to post a code of conduct for his conferences, which made immediate waves. (Quite a few of the women I know who aren’t in the tech sphere shared it with me.) I’ve heard accounts of women having to deal with all kinds of come-ons, and being physically assaulted as if it was nothing, at tech events. Even in the comments to his post here on G+, people were suggesting that their Asperger’s Syndrome meant that they didn’t understand how to deal with social situations, and should be excused from this kind of thing. Bullshit: none of the aspies I know are misogynist pricks. That’s because, while they are awkward in some social situations, they have at least half a brain.

The whole thing’s over here. And of course, you can add me on Google+ here.





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