Spire Magazine: a teenage (mis)adventure

My high school yearbook entryI wrote a piece over on Google+ about Spire Magazine, my first real Internet project:

I became the editor and publisher, roping in our friends with the promise that they could get free games if they reviewed them. We considered static text files or the web, but decided that neither had the possibilities for layout and design that we wanted. So instead, every month I would edit everyone’s articles and compile them down into Windows Help format: an encapsulated hypertext format that could easily be downloaded. (These days, I’m convinced I would have used epub.)

[…] One piece we ran several times was called “What do you do on the Internet?” Nowadays the answer would be “everything”, but back then usage was still emerging. So people like Nicholas Negroponte, G.B. Trudeau and Roger Ebert would reply with very specific examples. I wish I still had a copy of these early issues.

These experiences still color everything I do; you can read the whole post over here. What was your first Internet project?


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