Why can’t I …

… Embed a discussion forum in a blog post?
… Stick games in an RSS feed and have them be playable in Google Reader?
… Post an encyclopedia to Pinterest?
… Bookmark a scene in a video?
… Move my profile to another site or domain name without breaking everything?
… Create a slideshow of newspaper articles? And email it to you?
… Link to an object?
… Make a movie like we make the web? (Collaboratively, with little bits in lots of places, all linked together?)
… Store my own Facebook profile, and choose the form of content I share there?
… Contact someone without worrying about which network my communications are carried across, and whether we use the same services?
… Own not just my identity online, but the form and scope of my communications (i.e., what shape it takes, who can see it, where it’s stored and how it’s transmitted), and have full control over all of it?


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