Rock IIMy sister is a singer-songwriter. Her songs are great, and you can find them in the usual locations: MySpace Music, and Facebook. Interestingly, though, she’s decided there are different purposes to each:

  • Her page contains more polished recordings.
  • Facebook has those too, but also contains more rough-and-ready demos, ideas and experiments; it’s also updated the most, probably because she spends more time on it than on any other site.
  • The MySpace page seems to exist because you’re expected to have one.

I wonder how common this is? Any other musicians care to comment? Is there one best place to promote yourself as an independent musician?


2 responses to “Music!”

  1. Re Myspace, au contraire! I use it largely to friend people I’ve discovered on so that I can keep track of their gigs. Since there are an awful lot of artists that I like on, I don’t want to become a fan of all of them on Facebook, so myspace is a good way of checking in for gigs every so often. Also, there are more musicians on myspace than on

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